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    We started Rest Time when our children were in Kindergarten.  As parents, we loved watching their excitement as they chose their fabric and watched it made into a set of sheets.  We smiled at the pride they felt on that first day as they put their sheets away safely until it was time to put them on their beds.  Those sheets are long gone and were passed on to cousins and friends as they started their journeys in the world of early education.

Fabric Options Patterned

  • B50 Birds Green
    B50 Birds Green
  • B55 Aircraft
    B55 Aircraft
  • B56 Striped Dino
    B56 Striped Dino
  • B60 Faces
    B60 Faces
  • B70 Snoopy
    B70 Snoopy
  • B77 Book Owl
    B77 Book Owl
  • B79 Hoot Owl Yellow
    B79 Hoot Owl Yellow
  • B81 Horses
    B81 Horses
  • B84 Digger
    B84 Digger
  • B85 Fire Truck
    B85 Fire Truck
  • B86 Dino Green
    B86 Dino Green
  • B88 Bees
    B88 Bees
  • B91 Hearts Small
    B91 Hearts Small
  • B92 Peter Rabbit
    B92 Peter Rabbit
  • B93 Elephant Rainbow
    B93 Elephant Rainbow
  • B94 Unicorn Pink
    B94 Unicorn Pink
  • B95 Puppy Pals
    B95 Puppy Pals
  • B96 Pets
    B96 Pets
  • B98 Transport
    B98 Transport

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